Metal ferrules for handles
Metal ferrules for handles

Estampaciones Metálicas Vidal SL

ESMEVI 100 years providing competitive advantages to our customers' products.


The working philosophy of the company, with its 3 main axes, is to offer the industry a complete service:


     QUALITY: continuous improvement processes applied to products and production processes, with the aim of giving them the flexibility to meet the needs of our internal and external customers.


     EFFICIENCY: Optimal management of productive resources, aimed at productivity improvements.


     RELIABILITY: Internal controls aimed at maintaining high levels of quality supplies as Compliance Customer Delivery. it's a website of Estampaciones Metálicas Vidal SL, a leading manufacturer in Spain in the production of ferrules and stocking caps drawing brand.


Family business founded in 1923 by Miguel Vidal Bofill, currently has the 4th generation heading the company. 100 years of continuous development of the business have led the company to be the main supplier of leading manufacturers of handles, both nationally and internationally.


The quality of the products, expertise and customer service of the company are the best words to describe ESMEVI, a company with a long history, 100 years of experience.


With facilities of 1,500 m², a team composed of qualified personnel with many years of experience, ESMEVI focuses its business  both the national and international market. Sends more than 30% of its production to customers in countries like France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Slovakia, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.


Estampaciones Metálicas Vidal SL focuses its business competitiveness in a global concept of quality of either the products, processes and management. Quality is the differentiating factor that distinguishes our products and services in the market. Is the key level of excellence that we impose on our relationship with both external and internal customers.

Contact ESMEVI:


+34 93 8590735


We will be glad to talk to you to see how ESMEVI can add value to your product leading to a market differentiation.

+34 938 590 735

Estamp. Metálicas Vidal,  SL


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